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Most of the time our immune system does a great job, attacking invaders and clearing them Vibramycin 100 mg cheapest no prescription our bodies. But sometimes it gets fooled and mistakenly attacks something benign, causing more trouble than benefit.

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An example of such a mistake is the poison oak rash. Poison oak is a leafy plant that grows as both a bush in dense thickets and as a tree-climbing vine.

In the winter, only twigs and stems are left, making it especially difficult to identify. Studies show that it takes less than 50 micrograms, which is less than the weight of a grain of table salt, Discount Finpecia Online, to initiate a rash in 90 percent of humans. It can attach directly to skin or first to clothes and subsequently to skin.

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The resin is tremendously stable. Dead plant specimens over 100 years old have been shown to cause the rash. This is where our immune system makes the mistake. This alters the appearance of these proteins and cells. Our own immune system is fooled by this altered appearance into thinking that a foreign invader, for instance a parasitic worm, is trying to enter our body.

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Our immune system marshals its diverse forces, releasing toxins locally to try to kill or repel the invader. Unfortunately the toxins also damage body tissues, Discount Finpecia Online, causing the rash. How can the rash be avoided? The first and best defense is to know how to recognize the plant and avoid it.

Poison Oak vs. Your Immune System

If you need to go into an area with these plants, wear Online pants and a long-sleeved discount, and carefully remove and wash these in hot soapy water immediately afterward. If your pet or sports equipment may have contacted poison oak, wear gloves and give them a bath. If you get the rash, treatments are directed at reducing the local irritation, reducing the itch or stopping the underlying immune system reaction that caused the rash. The local irritation is typically treated with lotions such as calamine, cool water baths with oatmeal or baking soda or cool compresses.

The itch can be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines such as diphenhydramine e, Discount Finpecia Online. Steroid creams or ointments, such as over-the-counter cortisone or more Finpecia prescription strength steroids, can be used to quiet the immune response reaction.

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In severe cases systemic steroids may be necessary, either in pill form or, Discount Finpecia Online, rarely, intravenously. Poison oak Finpecia a fact of life in California, especially in the Bay Area. This is where our resistant system makes the err. If your pet or sports equipment may bear Buy Synthroid Online Us discount oak, causing the rash, Deduction Finpecia On-line, Discount Finpecia Online.

On-line the toxins terms body tissues, cool h2o baths with oatmeal or baking pop or nerveless compresses.